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Happening 2022- 2023

Film Production
In progress...

Dancing with Dinosaurs

Making a big ROAR to Wrexham we will be partnering with 'Jurassic Live' to create an exciting performance piece to be showcased at the leading event this summer 'ROCK THE PARK'. Families based in Wrexham will get the incredible opportunity to have photographs in a fun-filled action packed session with Jurassic Live's life sized animatronic dinosaurs, as well as having an intriguing educational session with National Museum Wales to learn all about the prehistoric mammals and their lifestyle! After having these workshops the group will work with our awesome Eleni practitioners week by week to devise a creative choreographic piece set to be danced onstage next to the dinosaurs! It's going to totally ROCK! 

DWD t rex.jpeg


This project is all about vibration and feeling.

Representing and telling the stories of the deaf community; Eleni will work in partnership with Stand Together & local deaf groups to create a truly beautiful and mesmerizing choreographic dance piece using the welsh landscape as their stimulus. 
A musician will exclusively work with the group to compose a piece of music to accompany a final dance on film, this will be shared with the wider public. Let's feel and experience life through another. 


A celebration and congregation!

Eleni will partner up with community dance individuals who are experts in Reggaeton, African, Portuguese, Argentine tango and Indian dance! They will be invited to become teaching mentees and learn how to confidently lead and structure their own dance classes. The mentee will be responsible for ensuring authenticity of style whilst the Eleni dance practitioner will be responsible for supporting & nurturing teaching skills.

A final piece of choreography will be wonderfully and boldly co-created & directed for key external performance events in and across the North of Wales and further afield. Watch this space, amazement awaits! 

Health Checkup
Festival of Color

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