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A day in the life of...

A newbie!

Eleni community!- I wanted to share my adventures, tales and findings thus far on my journey with this treasured company in my new role as lead dance practitioner and project coordinator.

To say I’ve now been with Eleni for a month is barmy, let me tell you, it has flown...

What a wonderful, fun and diverse first month I’ve had.


My first day (nervous as I was!) was a joy. I met the wonderfully happy and chirpy Kristina (one of our dance practitioners) and our Angela (Artistic Director) the lady herself- quick witted, good ​humoured and equally as caring and considerate; the dynamic was buzzing and zinging with good energy at the office base in Deeside.

At my new desk I was so beautifully presented with a welcome gift and card from the team!- already feeling so welcomed and inclusive into the Eleni family.

My office space was ready to go, equipped and kitted out with all my techno gear and gadgets I will need to aid me in every which way.

Getting to grips with logins, the facility within Deeside and our neighbouring companies inside the leisure centre was fun and really enjoyable.


As the week progressed I found myself observing sessions such as ‘Duets’ at Ysgol Tyfynnon ran by the lovely Amanda and Anita (two of our dance practitioners). The children were rehearsing for their upcoming performance which will take place at Theatr Clwyd, where they will open Ballet Cymru’s professional performance- how special and exciting for them. What a beautiful and heartwarming project ‘Duets’ is. The children are so invested and dedicated; both artistically and creatively as well as having a real sense of team work about them. The energy is special.

I had later accompanied Kristina with follow up Zoom meetings with our partnership schools for the 'Movement in Mind' project which seemed like a super successful project aiding in children’s wellbeing as well as their creative dance exposure and experience throughout the pandemic. I hope Eleni and their partnership schools once again touch base and re-birth this project as it seemed to really engage and support children, enriching their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Following on from my first week I was able to mix up office working and the option to work from home. I was very grateful for this as it enabled me to build a happy and functioning work life balance. Eleni has supported me greatly so far, beyond what I ever could hope for in my first month. My needs, wishes and suggestions have always been so kindly met, respected and supported.


Angela started to explain and show me the early structure of our exciting upcoming projects, and wow is there a lot on the way! Watch this space! I shan’t reveal too much.. keep checking our page for updates on the new opportunities coming to your area!

I have started to play my part in sourcing potential contacts, venues, participants and equipment we’ll need to bring these fantastic projects to life, the project management aspect of my role.


I have observed and checked in on our Zoom participants for 'Denbigh Movers'; another of Anita’s fab classes. Wow those ladies can move! What a wonderfully spirited session with so many great tunes to move along to. The variety in that class is fantastic and Anita is very considerate of everyone.


I myself started to lesson plan for a series of 'Gentle Movement’ carehome sessions at Pen y Bryn, a new programme we are running. Having previous experience teaching elders and vulnerable adults gave me a basis to draw from. Having an initial visit to the carehome to meet the director Matt was really touching as I was able to see the space and residents I would be leading our sessions for. I have since delivered 2 of the 6 sessions at Pen y Bryn and shared some real humouring, humbling and heartwarming moments which will exist in my memory for a long time.


At the other end of the scale, I have led my first of 6 sessions within Deeside Leisure Library: our new ‘Words and Wiggles’ programme which is a playful, fun, free movement class based around a storybook for children and babies 0-3 years. Each week we will have a new book to read, learn from, explore and move to! Our first week's book was called ‘One Shoe, Two Shoes’ and the babies and children were really animated which was beautiful to see.


Yesterday evening I visited our 'Youth Dance' session based in Denbigh ran by the beautiful and equally talented Rachel (another of our dance practitioners) whom I will cover for next week. I was really touched and excited by this class. Alys is a member of the Youth Dance and what a talented young lady she is; very creative, bold, and vivid in her imagination and interpretation of dance. I look forward to leading this session next week.


My first two weeks with Eleni were part time, once I started full time I met and became acquainted with the beyond lovely Caitlin: our new Office Administrator. She is a little ray of sunshine, so sweet and thoughtful and the dynamic in the office quickly went from awesome to even more awesome! It's safe to say, between Angela, Caitlin and I we sure do rock the office with some laughter.


Over the course of the upcoming weeks Caitlin and I will have social media training and short courses to strengthen and up skill ourselves in the Welsh language- Da Iawn! I am looking forward to it all.


If I were to recite all the stories and experiences I've had thus far I'm not sure the words would all fit, so I shall leave it there for now.

I feel truly blessed to be a part of Eleni, I think my time with the company will be equally challenging and rewarding which is everything I hope for.

Let the adventures long continue and I hope to meet you all in due course!

Fondest love,


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